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Daily reports on events in Azerbaijan and the world. The news is presented in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages.

The news portal was founded in 2012 as a media company of the HajMa Group of Companies. The main direction of the news portal is informing the public about the latest events in the world and especially in our country.

You can watch the most interesting news and videos reflecting the changes in the world on the YouTube channel of the Gala News portal. Our news portal provides our viewers with the most interesting news 7 days a week in Azerbaijani, Russian and English.

The news portal offers you the simplest form of news. The portal has been operating since 2012. It is the first voice news portal in Azerbaijan and the first portal in our country to broadcast an audio version of news on a news website.

The name Qalanews means news tower. You can quickly watch and listen to news only on the news portal Qalanews.

Follow us to keep abreast of world news. According to statistics, 4,000 important events happen in the world every day. This is important news for both the world and the country.

The main goal of the Qalanews news portal is to deliver neutral, complete and accurate news to the audience.

The portal also has a Youtube page. You can watch videos of important news and research on specific topics on the Qalanews page, on Youtube or on the website itself.

Along with interesting, entertaining, exclusive news, here you can watch materials on social problems., which promptly delivers all the daily news to its viewers, delivers all the news to you in audio format, that is, you can read and listen to the news here.

Download the Qalanews mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store and you will be the first to hear the news.

We participate in all international events held in our country and deliver the latest news to our viewers.

Our free organization is self-funded, which testifies to the creation of a transparent news block.

The portal contributes to the formation of news journalism in our country and opposes journalistic racketeering. Be the first to hear news from us in any area and category.

Under the motto "The whole world in one window" which is formed like this: we are constantly moving into the future and development. In addition, given the interest of the younger generation in journalism, we give them the opportunity to gain experience in our organization.

In addition to socially oriented projects, our portal focuses on economic, political, technological, social and military.

Our activity in the political sphere, along with the international policy pursued by our independent state, is to inform our audience about the latest changes in the global political arena, as well as to draw the right conclusions by analyzing them.

Sphere of technology. As you know, the 21st century is called the century of technology or chemistry. In our country, IT technologies are entering a new stage of development. At the same time, new products and programs are presented on the global technological arena every day. We are interested in development.

Social sphere. Our portal, which regularly publishes news about the current situation in our country and the world, closely monitors the ongoing social changes in our country.

Military sphere. As you know, Azerbaijan is a country in a state of war. In addition, one of the main goals of our portal is to conduct a propaganda and agitation campaign about the army in our country among our citizens and viewers.

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